Schwabs Farm Pies


Stop in and pick up your delicious Pies to go along with your Special Holiday! 

We also carry a vast selection of vegetables for your chosing.



 Homemade Fruit  Pies 


Apple Apple Crumb Blueberry
BlueBerry Crumb Blackberry  Pecan
Peach* Peach Crumb* Raspberry
Raspberry Crumb  Rhubarb Strawberry Rhubarb 
Pumpkin     Triple Berry Elderberry
  Sugar Free Pies** 



*Available when in season. Grape, Grape Crumb, & Raspberry-Peach as available when in season.

** Sugar Free available in Apple and Cherry. A two day notice would be appreciated.

 Cream Pies


 Banana  Butterscotch  Chocolate
 Peanut Butter   Coconut  Mandarin Orange
 Lemon Chocolate Peanut Butter Pineapple Sour Creme
 Lemon Meringue   Custard  


 Specialty Pies


 Rasberry Cheesecake  Sunshine  Apple - Umpkin
 Carmel Apple Crumb  Cherry Cheesecake  Carmel Apple Nut
 Double Layer Pumpkin Cheesecake    



Fruit  Pies are available in Small (4") $7.00, Medium (8") $15.00 and Large (10") $19.00

Creme Pies are available in Medium (8") $16.00 and Large (10") $20.00

Specialty Pies are available in Medium (8") $17.00 and Large (10") $21.00


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